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SALISBURY, Md. – Renovation work at the One Plaza East building in Downtown Salisbury is nearly complete after years of construction. Two new businesses are also open inside the recognizable building.

One of them is an ice cream shop, Angello’s Scoops, which opened last month. The other business is Mogan’s Oyster House, which opened last week.

Both of them are located in the lobby level of the One Plaza East building. The building sits at the intersection of North Division and Main streets just before the plaza.

The building is also home to several other businesses, including Deadstock Shoes and Apparel and AMP Studios.

Development company Davis Strategic Development owns a majority of the building and started renovation work about three years ago, transforming the basement all the way up to the sixth floor.

Bret Davis is a partner for the development company and also a partner in Mogan’s Oyster House. He said it was important to bring new business to the ground level of what he says is a city centerpiece.

“It’s been dark windows and blacked-out curtains for almost 15 years, so at the heart of our town was what looked like a desolate building and now the new lobby has brought a sense of life to the building,” said Davis.

Davis said construction at the building should wrap up in the next 45 days..

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Source http://www.wboc.com/story/41247773/renovation-work-nearly-complete-at-one-plaza-east-building-in-salisbury-two-new-businesses-open


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