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SALISBURY, Md. – Some big development is on its way to downtown Salisbury, and the goal is to get more people to call the city home.

Projects to build an apartment complex and beer garden near the riverfront just off Route 13 are now under contract to happen.

Davis Simpson Holdings will pay $15,000 for Parking Lot 16, which is where the apartment complex is planned to be built.

“These will all be upscale, but trying to make sure it’s affordable for the local community,” said Davis. “The goal being to drive in more population density and hopefully that will bring in more culture.”

Just next door, R. Miller Properties LLC will pay $5,000 for the Salisbury Green, the site of the planned beer garden.

Ryan Miller with the company said the plan is to mix the style of a traditional German beer garden with a little Eastern Shore flavor.

Both projects are in the early stages.

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Davis said he’s hoping to break ground on the apartment complex within the year.

Source http://www.wboc.com/story/38565582/apartment-complex-and-beer-garden-planned-for-downtown-salisbury


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